Course curriculum

    1. An overview of the course

    2. [Video lecture] What are medical guidelines?

    3. Let's learn the glossary of medical guidelines

    4. The glossary of medical guidelines

    5. [Video lecture] Some key words from hypertension guidelines

    6. Exercise 1.1

    7. Exercise 1.2

    8. Exercise 1.3

    9. [Video lecture] Some key words from pneumonia guidelines

    10. [Video lecture] Sone key words from 2017 AAP Guidelines for High Blood Pressure in Children and Adolescents

    1. [Video lecture] How to find the guidelines you need?

    2. Background questions vs. foreground questions

    3. Types of resources

    4. Using Medscape to get highlights of recent medical guidelines

    5. Sử dụng AI để tìm một số guidelines mới nhất

    1. [Video lecture] First steps to understanding medical guidelines

    2. Strength of recommendations

    3. Differences between medical guidelines

    4. [Video lecture] How to gather practical insights quickly?

    5. The medical guideline reading checklist

    1. [Video lecture] The power of AI in interpreting medical guidelines

    2. More uses from Bing AI

    3. Chatting with your pdf files !!

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